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AMR symposia
Think-do consulting

Through the approach "Project drafting, promotion and implementing", we design or examine solutions against antibiotic resistance to answer the specific needs of a given country, city, or institution. Our expertise covers many areas.




We publish intelligence briefs and publications on all AMR related issues, addressed to policymakers, stakeholders and to the public to alert on the AMR systemic issues and solutions.

Educational online courses

In a close future, we will propose Open Online Courses with an AMR lens, for different audiences – lay public to policymakers. Various topics are considered, such as the sources of AMR evolution, medical practices, geopolitics and global health security, IPC/WASH and Architecture, the cost-effectiveness of solutions, etc.

Symposia, meetings

Symposia and meetings, in person as well as through webinars will be organized to promote global action.

The AMR Think-Do-Tank brings expertise for the achievements of all features of the Global Action Plan on AMR (GAPAMR):

- Government engagements and national action plans

- Stewardship, advocacy: public and decision-makers
- Infection prevention and control (IPC) and outbreaks investigations whenever there are suspect cases
- "One Health" FAO, WHO, OIE Human, animal health and the environment.
- Importance of the Environment in AMR rise/spread

- Water and Waste management (WASH Water-Sanitation-Hygiene UN Resolution) and impacts of Climate – Extreme Weather Events on WASH systems, water, wastes, animal waste, health centers.
- Surveillance and Monitoring
- Diagnostics and vaccines
- R&D, intellectual property and innovation
- Economic impact and investments
- E-Health and ambulatory health delivery systems
- Strengthening national health systems in view of the International Health Regulations (IHR) and the UN adopted Universal Health Coverage (UHC/SDGs)
- The issue of Risk management and Global Health Security

With the above objectives in mind, the AMR Think-Do-Tank, Geneva international endeavors to establish a strong presence internationally with a number of actions:

- The production of briefs for decision-makers
- The editing of books, other publications, and advocacy tools
- Ensure a presence on social media
- MOOCS (Massive Open Online Course)

- Holding of seminars, working groups and conferences.


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