The AMR Think-Do-Tank, Geneva International, is a center for brainstorming and implementation research, bearing on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) – which includes, in the UN definition, resistance to drugs against viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic diseases. The AMR Think-Do-Tank's objectives are to ensure a better response to AMR through consulting, symposia, meetings, implementation research, publications and online courses on AMR, with a focus on “One Health.”


AMR Think-Do-Tank is registered as an entity

(equivalent 501 C3 in the USA) under Swiss law. 

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About us

AMR Think-Do-Tank, Geneva International, brings together a global, multidisciplinary task force to examine and implement approaches to the many-faceted aspects of AMR infections prevention, management, and resolution

Prescription Drugs
A looming crisis

Left unchecked, antimicrobial resistance (AMR) will roll back a century of medical progress, damage the environment, interrupt food production, cause more people to fall into extreme poverty and imperil global health security.

systemic antibiotic resistane
AMR gather experts to coordinate actions
A systemic problem


The spread of AMR is a complex multi-facets problem. Ensuring and preserving high healthcare standards require a ‘One Health’ approach, which is, coordinated expertise and actions in many areas such as environment, food chain, medical facilities, infrastructures, social behavior, and proper management and regulations

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Recent online articles
Our actions


Since 2019, we have:

- created an international network of experts, present on 5 continents.

- published 2 expertise reports on AMR & the environment

- published a newsletter to 3000 people

- organized 3 international conferences

- joined twice the European Commission to encourage novel legislation on AMR.

- conducted interviews of world experts and published many articles

- and more !