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International Conference AMR control & Pandemic risks

To see our international conference in Français & English on youtube:

1st part - in French:


Dr Diem-Lan Vu, Republic and Canton of Geneva’s Dept. of Health, Sector of Canton’s Med., Dept of Infectious Diseases.

Pr. Stephen Harbarth, HUG, Geneva University Hospitals, Head Physician, IPC Section; Professor, University of Geneva’s Faculty of Medicine

Pr. John Poté, UNIGE (Geneva University), Lead, Environmental microbiology, department

Dr Sandrine Baron, ANSES (National Agency on Food, Environment and Labor Safety), France

Pr Renaud Piarroux, Prof. at Sorbonne University, Chief of service at Hospital Pitié-Salpêtrière, Researcher at INSERM

Dr Bawa Boya, Univ. Abomey, Bénin

Garance Upham, AMR Think-Do-Tank, President

2nd part - in French & English :

with :

Dr Jean-Yves Madec, ANSES, France, Scientific Director on Antibiotic Resistance, and Head of Resapath (Antibiotic Surveillance Network for the Animal Sector)

Dr Viviana Muñoz Tellez, South Center, Coordinator of the Health, Intellectual Property and Biodiversity Programme

Prof. Amy Pruden, Virginia Tech University, USA

Dr Annick Lenglet, International Center for Antimicrobial Resistance Solution, ICARS Science Lead

Pr Joseph Allen, Harvard T. Chan School of Public Health, USA, Associate Professor, Member, The Lancet COVID-19 Commission

Garance Upham, AMR Think-Do-Tank, President

Moderator : Catherine Fiankan-Bokonga

Organizers: AMR TDT

Co-organisation: Club Suisse de la Presse

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